My TEDx Talk: Education is none of your business

Published on Jul 28, 2016
We’ve been told to not fix something that isn’t broken; but, what if something IS broken? Chris Shade uses his background in education to spotlight a significant fallacy in the way education is run and the detriment it is causing on our nation’s students.
Chris Shade, Director of School Improvement, led the Denton ISD community through the rebranding of the district mission and logo through social media and is leading the development of an alternative accountability rating system reflecting the community’s values to add to the State’s current rating system.
This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at
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Mute the Messenger

As students, parents, teachers, principals and other educators receive word of test scores that are [unfortunately] used to determine student promotion from one grade to the next and/or teacher and principal promotion, demotion, or termination, it is critical we understand the tool being used is ineffectual to make such determinations. Sadly, I hurt for those whose lives are dramatically changed because of it. In the article I share, even Pearson admits HALF of what is tested is “insensitive to instruction” (i.e. the tests don’t measure what students learn in the classroom). What other profession do we measure in such an outrageously irresponsible…

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Time again for a slice of Americana…hot dogs, apple pie, baseball, and the bashing of public schools

With STAAR scores finding their way to inboxes and mailboxes, I resurrect a post I wrote a few years ago in response to a political cartoon published in the Dallas Morning News. The commentary was offered in a letter to the editor of the DMN, but the piece went unpublished, until now… As the dog days of summer approach, it’s that time again for a slice of Americana…hot dogs, apple pie, baseball, and the bashing of public schools. With expectations reigning high as ever before in Texas (and I’m not referring to the Rangers), numerous articles and political cartoons go to print daily…

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